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One of our most popular novelist at the Bird City Public Library is Janet Evanovich and her exciting Stephanie Plum series. The newest addition to the series, “Tricky Twenty-Two”, isn’t due to be released until this November so for her hard core fans the next exciting round is just around the corner (we promise!).

To hold you until that time, this month I’m recommending two of Janet’s Between-the-Novels books, “Plum Lovin’” and “Plum Lucky” both of which have your favorite characters of Stephanie, Lula, Connie and of course Grandma getting into all sorts of hijinks while also introducing the character of Diesel, a sexy man of mystery from another set of Janet Evanovich books the “Wicked” series. (If you haven’t had a chance to read them, they are a must!!)

Plum lovin' (336x500)

In “Plum Lovin’” our girl Stephanie finds herself put in the role of relationship expert (yep…you didn’t misread that!) while Diesel tries to prevent an retired mafia man from creating all sorts of problems for a woman who may (or may not) really be Cupid. Bad enough she can’t chose between Morelli and Ranger, Stephanie finds she must give advice to other lovelorn lost souls, one of which is her sister’s commitment phobic boyfriend. Stephanie has 48 hours to make this the best Valentine’s day for everyone involved, or bad things will happen… her sister won’t get married! Yikes!!

Plum Lucky (421x640)

In “Plum Lucky” Stephanie and Lula hit the road to Atlantic City after being sent to retrieve Grandma who’s suddenly, and suspiciously, in possession of a large duffel bag full of cash. Diesel is back on the scene this time with the hopes of retrieving the money lost by a mysterious little man in green pants who thinks (you guessed it) he’s a leprechaun. Craziness ensues when Connie meets a guy, Lula is approached about becoming a plus-size model, and a psycho killer wants to take Stephanie and Diesel out permanently.

Both books are just a couple chapters long, so stop by and pick up both for some fun, quick and exciting weekend reads. Enjoy–Dian


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