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New books have arrived….


We have several new arrivals in Adult Fiction, Audio Cd’s and Children literature this week! Let us help find you something to enjoy instead of another TV rerun!!

The Librarian recommends…

Saint Mazie by Jami Attenberg

This is a wonderful read that you won’t want to put down. Based on the story of Mazie Gordon, a tough-as-nails rebellious young woman who, during the depression, spends 13-hour days taking tickets in the small cage of movie theater she owns in the Bowery then at night walks the streets of New York helping the “bums and stiffs” (her words) sleeping on the street. From handing out bars of soap, paying for “flophouses” with her spare change, and calling ambulances for those in need Maize cared for these lost and forgotten souls with a big heart and bawdy personality. Maize was so well known for her actions at the time that Joseph Mitchell profiled her in the New Yorker in 1940. But it’s the Maize Mitchell didn’t touch upon- the unwanted child from an impoverished family who wanted nothing more than freedom, the unbreakable optimistic personality that withstood gossip, disapproving family members and heartbreak in lost love that writer Jami Attenberg is trying to explore today. Using snippets of Maize’s own diary Ms. Attenberg gives you a look inside the mind and heart of a courageous woman who you would be honored to sit with, maybe share a beer and a cigarette with (she was fond of both!) and hopefully call her your friend. Enjoy-Dian.

Good Friday afternoon…

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We’re Back..

…in the Bird City Times that is. Bird City Library will once again have its own unique column “Library Lines” featured in the Bird City Times. We will list new book selections, events planned for the library and update the community who haven’t quite found us online yet. Please check it out starting this week! Have a great day!!Library Lines 07.22.15